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bubble drifts from skin slides..

h2o – 21

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do you believe? let me rephrase it, do you really see?

the simple and utter truth in our lives and our society is the fact that our blindness in most cases brutally creates a mind block from reality

the simple truth of presence of life aspects brutally has suffocated intelligence to accept reality

the simple truth in spoken hushed screams made us so deaf that even a laud whisper is brushed with a smile and shoulder pat to be ignored

the simple truth
if you are a human, male or female, your steps that you fall on from the simple ignorant push of others has totally just underlined your life….

excuse me, but the simple truth of a question is bluntly in front of you but my question is do you simply believe the truth?


Charity Commercial for the "bundersverband
Frauenberatungsstellen und Frauennotrufe" (BEF)
Agency: Young&Rubicam
Production: Raketenfilm
Music: Tinseltown

bold strength | real life | strong women

reading along, my eyes caught an article, through the lens of Raffaele Petralla.. The overall story that is capturing, forces one to think of the overall strength that one has, and one can have to survive all aspects of life, not to also forget, makes one also wonder about how much strength do we really need to survive it all…

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