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that’s the day to come

from what it brings and what has actually come..

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525,600 minutes of change

The last hours to pass and it’s that time and those moments that have passed that truly now present us with a simple fact, a simple simple simple whisper in outlet thoughts…

Did we
Or didn’t we
Create a difference in those 525,600 minutes that have passed?

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integrating a reality | it is not that easy is it? yet….

yet…impossible  is only a word that can never be forever..

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bold strength | real life | strong women

reading along, my eyes caught an article, through the lens of Raffaele Petralla.. The overall story that is capturing, forces one to think of the overall strength that one has, and one can have to survive all aspects of life, not to also forget, makes one also wonder about how much strength do we really need to survive it all…

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