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giants walking the line

yes, in each one of you, the giant holds a place…

but I ask..

ever walked a line that had a reflective cross point through a hazy sight?

so reflective that one’s own breath is counted over and over through each walked upon threaded line…

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destination perfection | to shelter storms

the understanding of surrounding lives is a task that does not just get composed from a well established mind and spirit, but also from a composition of a life that craves to be understood.
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flash on the Beach [FOTB 2010 Title]

the solid elements that make us, make what is around us

our compositions and natural elemental status in this universe that attract, subtract, repel and even attract the nature of our surroundings to us…

This composition, although made in 2010 for the FOTB, completely illustrates in it’s dynamic sense of direction the nature which we are all placed in…

The artists presented in it do not just compete in their attraction in their work, but also mold the nature they are composing in…

By: Superfad Creative Director Nando Costa

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