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street photography series: stares

stares - 7

gazes to points out of focus to gain clarity..

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street photography series: faced

faced - 1

the sides of images, what is seen, what is looked at, and what is simply just looked through..

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dance photography series: natural will

RCDF 2013 - Ramallah 20042013 - Condoco UK - Photography by: Nabil Darwish Copyright © 2013

Candoco UK – Photography by: Nabil Darwish Copyright © 2013

to be significant in life is to be able to have a will that makes significance in lives..

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short photography series: echoes

echo(Photography by: Nabil Darwish Copyright © 2013)

(Photography by: Nabil Darwish Copyright © 2013)

a definition of a moment travelling in waves of time..

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time frames

time frames – 8 [Photography by Nabil Darwish © 2012]

living the moments of time framed captures of fractions that have passed through my lens..

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living lives

living lives – Photography by: Nabil Darwish © 2012

the 13th of a September of a year that went passed so fast, or even for some not fast enough..

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