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street photography series: between shades

between shades - 1

the bright shaded dims that follow the faces of walkers across the alleyways and pebbled paths of the old city of Jerusalem..

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that’s the day to come

from what it brings and what has actually come..

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short Photography Series: contemplations

contemplations – 1

captures through walks

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stars to wish on

stars to wish on – 1

little shines from little stars in the eyes of young stars that look up onto a future they don’t know of…

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the nut in us

look over the shoulders of those that raised points up high in thoughts

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giants walking the line

yes, in each one of you, the giant holds a place…

but I ask..

ever walked a line that had a reflective cross point through a hazy sight?

so reflective that one’s own breath is counted over and over through each walked upon threaded line…

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