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concert photography series: vocals of dreamers

young souls, and day dreams of a night.

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jerusalem: music within lives

jerusalem: music within lives - 49

Yabous Jerusalem Festival 2013
Labess – Algeria / Canada
Photography by Nabil Darwish 2013

if moments where within a reach of a single grasp to return,

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Jerusalem: a tune

a tune
photography by: Nabil Darwish © 2012

rhythmic sights through lens moments

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the language of a ONE

One language!

Yes it is the one language of the entire 7 billion + population of this planet! We talk and feel it, we hum it and whistle it and even cry through and from it…

music of one
iPhonography by: Nabil Darwish [ndproductions::digital imaging:: © 2012

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Notes of a Night

Notes of a Night – 1

a night that brought notes through souls

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