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street photography series: stares

stares - 7

gazes to points out of focus to gain clarity..

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from: Morocco Life series
Photography by:
Nabil Darwish © 2012
ndproductions::digital imaging::

there are some that dream to live..

going on to Go on…

Nazareth - on a Single Simplicity

to convince yourself it is that moment to go on,

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tender strength

tender Strength – 4

the realization of the solid states of motion within souls is what makes us humans..

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my view, my world, my life


stepping aside from the norm of integrated thoughts through media spots, today I stood still in a moment in time to integrate a second of a view that captured a lot of words through me..

i stepped on a side step of time and looked at my sight & views, and looked from up above on moments that passed that generated my words through my lens

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how can 1 mean more than 2? or more, or more?

1 = ?
sorry actually it should be 1 > many

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