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life lifted… what an expression..

..contemplating…… the vast lifts and drops that come upon us, and the different life loops we twirl through…

..breathing an exhale of solids that push our of our thoughts..

the grass root of all roots to life.. the simple breath.. which yes it was talked about, but questioned again and again, is it something truly done?

to become a true believer in change, one must breath their own change in life.. this is reality, and this is the true uplift in life that expresses that urge to float through no matter that comes ahead… to float, not to sink, that is the difference in expressions of life…

Lady Dior – Lady Grey London

Creative Director: Robert Lussier
 Director of Creative Services: Mia Forsgren
 Prod Company: Anonymous Content
 Director: John Cameron Mitchell
 DP: Frank DeMarco
 EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
 Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
 Producer: Dom Freeman

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