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525,600 minutes of change

The last hours to pass and it’s that time and those moments that have passed that truly now present us with a simple fact, a simple simple simple whisper in outlet thoughts…

Did we
Or didn’t we
Create a difference in those 525,600 minutes that have passed?

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the open end of a personality

mirror mirror on the wall

who is the brutest of them all

is it us that trigger it from childhood, or is it the child’s mirror triggering it all…

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giants walking the line

yes, in each one of you, the giant holds a place…

but I ask..

ever walked a line that had a reflective cross point through a hazy sight?

so reflective that one’s own breath is counted over and over through each walked upon threaded line…

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pricing eVerything


the simple straight black lines of a BarCode,

the simple editorial link from a BarCode Reader to a small screen that bleeps away the price of passing items from the trolly of life…

the simple bleep of a heart beat that is turned on when we prince things in our lives, some places princes on far too many things, some, just on a single decision of a single breath….

The BarCode

tagging items in our lives

bleeping away the small zero measurements we see…


do we place a price on everything?

you ask it?

you realize it?

how do you price it all? or has it already been priced already?

the Price of Everything

Trailer by Sponge (www.spongechicago.com)
for Penguin Publishing

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