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giants walking the line

yes, in each one of you, the giant holds a place…

but I ask..

ever walked a line that had a reflective cross point through a hazy sight?

so reflective that one’s own breath is counted over and over through each walked upon threaded line…

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going on to Go on…

Nazareth - on a Single Simplicity

to convince yourself it is that moment to go on,

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tender strength

tender Strength – 4

the realization of the solid states of motion within souls is what makes us humans..

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Notes of a Night

Notes of a Night – 1

a night that brought notes through souls

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daily journey

your day

your day has just become your own treadmill of breaths from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, to the slope of mind rush felt dreams through your pillow at night..

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let it out

the 10 figures we select from

the 10 figures we point with

the 10 figures we count with

the 10 figures we compose with

the 10 figures we grip with

the 10 figures we lose control to….

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pushing it

how many times have you heard that word?

you are pushing it

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my view, my world, my life


stepping aside from the norm of integrated thoughts through media spots, today I stood still in a moment in time to integrate a second of a view that captured a lot of words through me..

i stepped on a side step of time and looked at my sight & views, and looked from up above on moments that passed that generated my words through my lens

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integrating a reality | it is not that easy is it? yet….

yet…impossible  is only a word that can never be forever..

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insults – the inspiration to creativity in life

translating reflections from foot steps of time, one realizes that the seconds that passed insults only created thoughts

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