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photography series: life fractures

Life Fractions - Photography by Nabil Darwish Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved

Life Fractions – Photography by Nabil Darwish Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved

we define what we are by the soul that makes us who we are..

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living lives

living lives – Photography by: Nabil Darwish © 2012

the 13th of a September of a year that went passed so fast, or even for some not fast enough..

short photography series: faces through streets

faces through streets – Photography by Nabil Darwish © 2012

from a simple walk through the streets of Netaniya

to a simple framed capture of moments in the life of lives that passed

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going on to Go on…

Nazareth - on a Single Simplicity

to convince yourself it is that moment to go on,

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Short Photography Series: Marbles & Eyes

Marbles & Eyes

Click & clicks sounding sounds of small glass knocks of small hands moving small marbles..

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destination perfection | to shelter storms

the understanding of surrounding lives is a task that does not just get composed from a well established mind and spirit, but also from a composition of a life that craves to be understood.
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do you believe? let me rephrase it, do you really see?

the simple and utter truth in our lives and our society is the fact that our blindness in most cases brutally creates a mind block from reality

the simple truth of presence of life aspects brutally has suffocated intelligence to accept reality

the simple truth in spoken hushed screams made us so deaf that even a laud whisper is brushed with a smile and shoulder pat to be ignored

the simple truth
if you are a human, male or female, your steps that you fall on from the simple ignorant push of others has totally just underlined your life….

excuse me, but the simple truth of a question is bluntly in front of you but my question is do you simply believe the truth?


Charity Commercial for the "bundersverband
Frauenberatungsstellen und Frauennotrufe" (BEF)
Agency: Young&Rubicam
Production: Raketenfilm
Music: Tinseltown

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