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simple motives

Photography by: Nabil Darwish Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved

Photography by:
Nabil Darwish
Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved

each day our eyes capture what life throws us with..

visions upon visions of wanted and unwanted sights of actions and attentions guided to uncommon grounds..

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going on to Go on…

Nazareth - on a Single Simplicity

to convince yourself it is that moment to go on,

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still frames of motion

ever wondered what it would be like to click that clock in a speeding twist to turn it towards moments you crave longly for?

ever thought what it would be like to overcome clicks in that clock of time which twirled away your life long craves?

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how can 1 mean more than 2? or more, or more?

1 = ?
sorry actually it should be 1 > many

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life lifted… what an expression..

..contemplating…… the vast lifts and drops that come upon us, and the different life loops we twirl through…

..breathing an exhale of solids that push our of our thoughts..

the grass root of all roots to life.. the simple breath.. which yes it was talked about, but questioned again and again, is it something truly done?

to become a true believer in change, one must breath their own change in life.. this is reality, and this is the true uplift in life that expresses that urge to float through no matter that comes ahead… to float, not to sink, that is the difference in expressions of life…

Lady Dior – Lady Grey London

Creative Director: Robert Lussier
 Director of Creative Services: Mia Forsgren
 Prod Company: Anonymous Content
 Director: John Cameron Mitchell
 DP: Frank DeMarco
 EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
 Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
 Producer: Dom Freeman

do you believe? let me rephrase it, do you really see?

the simple and utter truth in our lives and our society is the fact that our blindness in most cases brutally creates a mind block from reality

the simple truth of presence of life aspects brutally has suffocated intelligence to accept reality

the simple truth in spoken hushed screams made us so deaf that even a laud whisper is brushed with a smile and shoulder pat to be ignored

the simple truth
if you are a human, male or female, your steps that you fall on from the simple ignorant push of others has totally just underlined your life….

excuse me, but the simple truth of a question is bluntly in front of you but my question is do you simply believe the truth?


Charity Commercial for the "bundersverband
Frauenberatungsstellen und Frauennotrufe" (BEF)
Agency: Young&Rubicam
Production: Raketenfilm
Music: Tinseltown

excuse me, yes, you, yes, look here…. now Imagine….

imagine you are standing, in the middle of a simple white plane piece of paper

imagine you have in the palm of your hands the pencil that draws lines and circles, and the ability to take that pencil to limits you have never messaged before

imagine  simplifying the ability to communicate via that same pencil, but with strength that creates your simple words into what you really are…

imagine yourself writing You out…


Y&R Touch: The Imaginarium Of Extraordinary Ideas


powering words, letters, lives

the pen, the cardboard Sign, the lines of a words marking a small note for the public to see.

We all have seen it before, but do we really Read what is being messaged to us..?

not really ! as the majority of times we pass through messages looking at the outside shell, prejudge the message before even reading it.. & that is reality

you try it

you write it..

You word it & try and see if people notice the real Words you speak out…

the Power of Words

By director Seth Gardber (www.redsnappa.com) for PurpleFeather

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