a photography series exploring our nature, presence, existence, and unspoken moments.

Of all ages, workers running through the streets and markets come together under one roof in their stride for a better life. The active Doha city centre location of Souq Waqif expressed all natures of human behaviours by so many nationalities, and all expressions that overwhelms a looker in how one can expose their inner moments, and the ones that are hidden away from those passing-by-eyes walking through it.

Twenty-six, of over the tens of thousands in workers that are in and out over the years in the Souq, twenty-six sat with and talked with over their natural state in a random moment in time. We cannot by no means know their true-life circumstances or even living situations, yet each one expressed in their own way their feel, not because of a lens in front of them, but because of who they are to themselves.

The survival with expressions as humans lies within the instinct to show & not show through eyes, smiles, tears, and vocal behaviours. And then comes the forced instincts, where all the priors mentioned alternate all together to simply survive. Faked or not, lied with or not, they are still our ways in which we adhere and evolve through our environments we live through. How ironic it is when we simply crave as humans to live.

“I am not here to enjoy what I do, I love what I in nature do, but I don’t enjoy what I see”, hearing those words, from a random twenty-six, in different forms articulated with different expressions only is part of what their story is. All having to hide away their talk so as not to bring attention, and not to cause an expression that would be heard even when quietened down.

Instinctive by nature, our presence, existence, and our unspoken moments are the relics of what we face. How limiting is it to become human by nature when our natural environment forces us unwillingly to change.

photography by Nabil Darwish, 
copyright 2018 all rights reserved
location: Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar
-for she who inspires me to
instinctively be the best I am-



About Nabil Darwish [ ndproductions::digital imaging:: ]

a Marketing Communications / Branding Specialist, a Certified Adobe Partner/Designer, and arts photographer. Along with extensive working experience in the field of Project/Program Management and Coordination, and Marketing Communications, ND also has a Masters of Science in Hospitality Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, both specialising, (from the UK), in Strategic Marketing Communications and Development. Not to also forget, one of only 4 Adobe Service Providers in the country, (Adobe Designer), and Corel Approved Service Bureau Associate (Corel Designer). View all posts by Nabil Darwish [ ndproductions::digital imaging:: ]

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