the canvas of life

create[iPhonography by: Nabil Darwish © 2012]

[iPhonography by: Nabil Darwish © 2012]

it is from the moment that you are born, a burning rush to explore sets into your every breath you cry..

it is from those moments of cries to live, a set of sparks run through your mind to find ways to walk through life’s’ ways in time with you..

the difference in moments is what differs from one expressed spark to another.. and with that, it is what make you either spark with shine or fade through unclear creations through space..

it is that simple spark of a creation that you welcome onto the canvas of life that can butterfly affect your expressed existence.. Winding away colours of thoughts which create a difference in a single state of mind.. state of presence.. state of life..

and with it.. ripples upon ripples of sparked expressions to overcome any life ways to come..


Video Credit:
Burn | Storm FreeRun

About Nabil Darwish [ ndproductions::digital imaging:: ]

a Marketing Communications / Branding Specialist, a Certified Adobe Partner/Designer, and arts photographer. Along with extensive working experience in the field of Project/Program Management and Coordination, and Marketing Communications, ND also has a Masters of Science in Hospitality Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, both specialising, (from the UK), in Strategic Marketing Communications and Development. Not to also forget, one of only 4 Adobe Service Providers in the country, (Adobe Designer), and Corel Approved Service Bureau Associate (Corel Designer). View all posts by Nabil Darwish [ ndproductions::digital imaging:: ]

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