move, move, now stop!


Hight of a Different Prospective - Photography by: Nabil Darwish | ndproductions::digital imaging::

even if you do try it

faking a simple gesture is not so easy as many would try & lie about it or how it seems… the fact remains, reality shows what we are in fractions of motional seconds..

the fact remains, not many see those motional seconds from simply being so indulged in their own sunken moves..

capturing moves through emotions have been a concept delivered to views since the first cave person decided to sketch a field run on a wall..

what changed since then?

the runs have changed

the speeds have changed…

the views have changed and with them we have changed…..

they say we evolve… natural moments evolve…

I say… we revolved and centered that revolution of views on matters that blinded the sight of motional change…

now try and move yourself, try it with the captures from the time those cave drawings that passed, with the simple clear mind of no blind…

you will see it, as clear as day… as clear that a day can make..

move, motionally feel, and see… it is as clear as a day…

“movement never lies
it is a barometer telling the state of the soul
weather to all who can read it”…

martha graham

Of Porcelain - Signal the Captain

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a Marketing Communications / Branding Specialist, a Certified Adobe Partner/Designer, and arts photographer. Along with extensive working experience in the field of Project/Program Management and Coordination, and Marketing Communications, ND also has a Masters of Science in Hospitality Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, both specialising, (from the UK), in Strategic Marketing Communications and Development. Not to also forget, one of only 4 Adobe Service Providers in the country, (Adobe Designer), and Corel Approved Service Bureau Associate (Corel Designer). View all posts by Nabil Darwish [ ndproductions::digital imaging:: ]

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