street photography series: corners

/ˈkɔːnə/”a place or angle where two sides or edges meet”.
a definition of logic in any mind, & a spot or place where one finds one’s self in moments of where no logic can come to mind.

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street photography visual story: northern pride

an anomaly for resilience, born in a village off the northern west bank city of nablus, he sat as I walked down the steps of downtown amman, curious eyes staring & yet dazed with passers by, I could not resist, but to sit beside him as those eyes told tales I was sure of.

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street photography series: locked horizon

incredible, what a sovereign decision it is for us as humans to commit to the will for survival.

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narratives of lives – photography showreel 2020

narratives of lives – nabil darwish photography showreel 2020

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street photography series: the far closeness

how far can one get close to the expression of their own momentary thought or feeling?
and how far can the closeness of fear bring about the strength to create a change?

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street photography series: lucidity

clarity of expressions exposed in lives walking in a life that is ever so changing daily, and within a lucid city that is far from clear of cracks.

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street photography series: seated

crossing faces and street life, the seated watch passers by.

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street photography series: balanced moments

from stares to side walk moments,

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report cover photography: faced – everyday life

“the sides of images, what is seen, what is looked at, and what is simply just looked through.

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visual arts short dance photography series: intimacy

the simple sway of a soul. the closeness in the realisation of one’s self to near a so called completeness in the motion & moment in time.

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